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Got Your Fall Maintenance Checklist Handy?


Don't let home maintenance fall behind. It's an important part of preserving your home's value!

Tis the season - for home maintenance.  Every season is the season for home maintenance.  No matter the time of year, there are always chores to do around your home.  For those of you who enjoy checking things off lists (I do, I do), or who like to follow a schedule (my dear spouse), perhaps you’ll find this helpful.  The sprinkler system has punished us for our neglect.  We’re more attentive now!

  • Rake leaves and aerate the lawn.

  • Have forced-air heating system inspected by a professional. Tip: schedule an inspection in late summer or early fall before the heating season begins.

  • Check fireplace for damage or hazards; clean fireplace flues and have a professional inspection.

  • Seal cracks and gaps in windows and doors with caulk or weather stripping; replace if necessary.

  • Swap old, drafty windows for more energy-efficient models.

  • Touch up exterior siding and trim with paint.

  • Inspect roofing for missing, loose, or damaged shingles and leaks.

  • Power-wash windows and siding.

  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts.

  • Mend cracks and gaps in the driveway and walkway.

  • Drain and winterize exterior plumbing.

  • Tune up major home appliances before the holidays.

  • Repair or replace siding.

  • Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Install a smoke detector on every floor of your home.

  • Clean the carpets.

  • Clean window and door screens.

  • Vacuum lint from dryer vent.

  • Inspect exterior door hardware; fix squeaky handles and loose locks.

  • Check for frayed cords and wires.

  • Drain and store hoses, and drain in-ground sprinkler systems.

  • Wrap insulation around outdoor faucets and pipes in unheated garages.

  • Check water heater for leaks.

Okay! It was a piece of cake. Well, it took several days but now you can enjoy the cooler temperatures - when they arrive. Better keep the marshmallows on standby. I think I felt a cool breeze!

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